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Dr Nick Fuller

Research Program Lead at the University of Sydney and founder of Interval Weight Loss.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Obesity Treatment -
University of Sydney

Bachelors Degree, Human Movement -
University of Technology Sydney

Masters Degree, Nutrition & Dietetics -
University of Sydney

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Case study

Aisling Fleury

I never really struggled with my weight until my mid-30’s. After recovering from a significant mental health issue which resulted in rapid weight loss and then rebound weight gain (and then some and then some more), I knew I needed to do something. I tried some commercial weight loss programs and while I lost weight, I was always hungry and then regained it after the loss. It was so frustrating! I found IWL in a bookstore. From the start it seemed to make sense. I lost 10kg slowly in my first year and have kept it off for 3yrs. I recently had to do my first weight loss month in a long time but it was easy to return to my set point weight which I’d held for a long time. The principles of IWL are easy to maintain and integrate into everyday life. I am now a really organised meal planner and prepper which has helped with shopping and avoiding food waste. I have also found a way to incorporate exercise into my life. And found exercise I love! This has included taking up open water swimming and competing in my first open water swim race at Noosa this year. IWL isn’t a diet, it’s a change to your way of life - for the better.

Case study

Steph De Sousa

My first thoughts on IWL was "this is going to take forever", my second thought "well, I guess I've been trying and failing for 30 odd years". To be honest, I didn't think IWL would be any different from every other diet I'd tried, and trust me, I've tried alot. I often brag that I have lost 40kg's three times! Will power is not my problem. The first 3 months on IWL was a big adjustment for me mentally. I had to forget all of the rules my dieting life had taught me. Carbs are ok again, fruit is a great snack, you can have a treat, eat more and often. Also, I had to repair all the damage I had done to my poor metabolism.  
Here I am, 6 months down the IWL road and 6kg lighter. And so many other health benefits. My cholesterol and blood sugar are in the normal range, my skin is glowing, my energy levels have increased and I am feeling great. I feel fitter and healthier at 48 than I did at 28.

Case study

Brenton Johnson

I had always struggled with my weight regardless of how physically active I was, primarily due to overeating and poor food choices. When I hit my 30’s I moved into a less physical line of work and really ballooned to a personal highest weight of 115kg. I set about losing as much weight as quickly as I could using the techniques I had always used in the past: eat less and exercise a lot more. Needless to say, this never lasted long as I hated being hungry and had little idea of what I should actually be eating. A few months later I was diagnosed with a serious illness and was left paralysed. I still wanted to lose weight and had to get healthy in order to rehabilitate my body. I needed a solution that would suit my new (and existing) challenges with health and weight loss. I discovered the IWL Program and it immediately appealed to me. After nearly a year I am approaching my goal weight and have done so whilst still not being able to exercise to the extent I would like. I’ve learned to walk again and started a family and am finally feeling good about the decisions I make about my lifestyle, health and diet.

Case study

Lorraine Bradwell

I never had to worry about my weight till I reached my mid 50s. Working in a high stress, long hours job, menopause and life in general all started to take their toll and I gained 14kg. I tried a variety of diet approaches, including calorie counting, intermittent fasting, commercial programs. They all worked - I lost weight but I couldn’t keep it off. One day my daughter told me about Dr Nick and his work, and gave me Dr Nick’s first book. From the first chapters I was sold. How many times had my friends and I said - “It seems as if there is a set weight your meant to be and you always return to that weight”. Initially I was frustrated because I didn’t see the big weight losses I was used to, but I stuck to it, confident that all that research can’t be wrong and soon I saw regular weight loss. Here I am, 4 years later, 12kgs down and comfortably able to maintain my new set weight. If I go off the rails, and I do occasionally, I know exactly how to get back on track. The online community and app is also very helpful. The best thing is, it’s not a diet, it’s a way of living, a marathon not a sprint, and it’s not even hard to do. Good luck, you won’t regret it - your life will be so much better for it.

Case study

Ben Lindsay

After a relatively successful swimming career, I did what any swimmer does. I put on weight! After going up 19kgs from my swimming weight of 85kgs to 104kgs, I wasn't too happy. I went to the gym and exercised six times per week for 1.5 hours, but I would seemingly put it straight back on every time I lost the weight. I tried fasting to no avail - 18 hours a day at one point, I wasn't eating. I was hungry all the time. 

After picking up my first copy of IWL, I immediately applied the principles and have lost 16kgs (in 2kg increments) and maintained that weight loss over the past 1.5 years. Back under 90kgs, I am feeling healthy and fit again. I've never starved myself, and I am enjoying what I eat. I recommend IWL to every ex-swimmer I meet trying to lose that post-career ballooning. 

Case study

Bet Reichstein

My IWL journey started in January, 2020. I was feeling bad, having regained the weight and more from my latest diet, and now in my 60s, was feeling desperate to maintain health and mobility as the years advanced...I read about IWL and it gave me hope. 

I reached my weight loss goal (10kg weight loss).. this was a slow but steady journey as I learned to apply the IWL principles and form new health habits around food and activities. It is so liberating to be eating really normal healthy foods - no calorie or fat gram (etc) counting required. And I don't feel deprived or hungry, I feel so much better.

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